Healthy and Yummy Sandwich…..

Oooh… back again after almost 07 months… Well, I must seriously start making blogging a priority 😛

Anyways, today out of the blue, I just missed my dear blog and thought I should get back…

I was preparing a very yummy and healthy sandwich for DH… (Btw cooking and the smell of cooking is something I dread these days)  and I thought I must snap a pic or two… Just when DH heard the sound of camera flash he said “Oooh, instagram” hehehehe

Okay back to the sandwich

20131124_125913Moroccan Chicken breast sandwich… The bread used is brown bread…

All the edible stuff you see are from Fantasy Store… (Romaine Lettuce though not visible is under the chicken breast slices)

20131124_130019Okayy,,,, that’s the very yummy lunch for DH today…

The dragon fruit was very juicy and passion fruit juice is someone’s favorite 😉

And I’m going to get myself busy, editing and publishing the drafts I’ve yet to blog…

Till then, Chao..


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My cactus blooms again :)

If you’ve read this post, u would have read about the lonely cactus I left neglected for days. Now this baby is really getting my attention and makes me draw my balcony curtain each morning.

Well, the second flower that i’ve been waiting for a week bloomed and yayy my cactus made my day again… 😀




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The lonely CACTUS who stood it’s ground ;)

I’ve been  tending to (once in a blue moon :p) this lovely cactus since early June 2012.. A very generous Security Officer gave this as a gift for my very lonely balcony and this cactus never gave up on me…

There are weeks when I forget to even give a good glimpse since I’m not such a great fan of plants and gardening 😉 (compared to my very garden-able mom n dad, aunts n uncles… hehehe)

Anyways since last 02 weeks I’ve been seeing signs that this lonely cactus is going to be a part of my lonely blog :p But there were times when I had to give up the hope since I thought the plant was dying….

Today morning I was so surprised when I drew the curtains and there it was… the gigantic flower 😀 I immediately called mom and she wanted pictures… hehehe.. and also she wants me to carry the cactus back home when I travel to Addu… Mommy, I can take a branch, not the whole tree please.. since this cute thing is the only companion I have in my balcony 😀

Proud of u dear cactus… do give me more flowers 🙂


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My Living Is Fighting Endlessly

Life is a fun thing!!

In my line of work, I always hear people saying “Life is never good for me”, “My life is a mess” etc etc etc…

I haven’t met a single person whose life is mess free. Either they get up every time they fall, heal the grazed knee and walk on OR stay in the ditch not wanting/willing to get up….

Just like most Earthilians, my life some times becomes a harrowing and messy ride too. But over the years I have learnt to focus on the positives, move on if it needs to be done and fight the puzzle called life endlessly…

Yes, sometimes I also wish things were different… That I do not have to go through hard and harsh stuff. But u need to face what is thrown at you right 🙂

So at hard and challenging times, I choose to fight the battle and be the best I can be…… ..  While trying to be the best I can be, I also try my best to be nice to people. BuT I will not let anyone to walk all over me…

Even at this point in life I wouldn’t say that my luck has totally run out just because I may not get everyone’s acceptance for my decisions! I have people who love me, people who believe in me and people who gladly extend their hand whenever I’m in need of it… Al-hamdhulillah 🙂

No matter how difficult your life gets, what you loose, or what people think of you, the only thing that matters, is what Allah has in store for you. This world is transitory, and those who strive, shall be rewarded. So don’t let other people discourage you!

But as for one who had repented, believed, and done righteousness, it is promised by Allah that he will be among the successful. [Holy Quran 28:67]

Beloved readers, in tough times always remember this:

“Olives are pressed for their useful oils, fruits are squeezed for their tasty juice and flowers are crushed for their beautiful perfumes. Thus, if you ever feel pressured, remember that Allah swt is trying to get the best out of you.”

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Ramazan Kitchen Experiments

Baked and Fried Pattis, Betty Crocker’s Triple Chocolate Fudge cake with icing by my younger sis, collard leaves(copy fathu satani), curries and chapatti.

Tuna Pizza, Fried Fish, Dhonkeyo Kajuru etc…

Toasted Tuna Sandwich, Aluvi Boakiba and Agar Dessert Jasmin Flavor with Fruits

Fresh Orange, Water Melon with Rose Syrup, Boakiba, Chocolate Balls, Butter Chicken, Steamed Vegetables, Chappatti

This Ramazan Allah also blessed my sis-star with a baby boy 🙂

Hope all the readers try to make the best of the best month.

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Ramazan 2012 from Home :)

I’ve been hiding from blogging for over six months and over the six months LIFE showed me different aspects of life…

From a grazed knee to crawling and learning to walk like I did before has now made me more stronger and more confident that I can handle whatever that comes my way.. Insha Allah….
Anyways I’m with mom, dad and my loving family members for this Ramazan..
I’ve been away from home for 06 consecutive Ramazan’s and I’m glad I made it this year and I truly enjoy cooking and making great food for my Dad who retired after 39 years of service on 10th July 2012.

Let me show you the delicacies so far!

Day: One

Paan Boakiba, Handoo and Mugu Kavaabu, steamed vegetables, addu havaadhu curry, kiru folhi and moringa leaves omelet

Day: Two

Orange Juice

Cutlets, Toasted Tuna and Carrot Sandwich and Biscuit Pudding

Kiru Folhi, Fish Curry, Vegetable Yellow Curry, Kulhi Mas

Hope u all Enjoy the blessed month and strive to make the best of it..

May Allah forgive our sings and guide us to Jannah.



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Own cooking for dinner…after yonks

In this post, about 1 year 5 months back, (GOD that’s such a longggg time ago) I promised to show you all my version of chocolate pudding 🙂

And here it goes:

Nooo… the pic is sooo blurrr… Well, that’s my very disobedient phone camera. Made this pudding for a  friend’s request 🙂 And since I was able to bring this onto the table at dinner time, let’s say this is part of well, tonight’s dinner

What else 😉

Seee, I told u… my phone camera is OBEDIENT…. I’m sure this pic would make the readers drool :p :p

That’s boiled brinjals (NOT YUCK) mixed with stir fried tuna… It was realllyyyy yummmmmmmmmmssssssssssss 😀

Hubs gave thumbs-up to both… Doesn’t matter even if it’s flattering 😉 😉

Nighty night people… The once in a blue moon busy lazy lady needs some shut eye now………………..

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