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My cactus blooms again :)

If you’ve read this┬ápost, u would have read about the lonely cactus I left neglected for days. Now this baby is really getting my attention and makes me draw my balcony curtain each morning. Well, the second flower that i’ve … Continue reading

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Life as it is!! The bed of roses and the teary thorny struggle….

Who said life is ALL sweet, lovely, a box of chocolates or that life is love…. ALL LIES… Let’s be realistic…I bet all of you would agree that LIFE IS NOT SO SWEET ALL THE TIME… There are time when … Continue reading

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A quick update…..

It’s been a month and more since I’ve been away from blogging.. So soorrryy darling blog and patient readers ­čÖé I was a busy bee past few weeks. First it was an office trip to Gn Atoll that was more … Continue reading

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Those were the days :)

It’s been yonks I’ve left my blog isolated and my faithful readers all bored ­čśÇ Sorry people.. I just started work like 3 weeks back and travel almost everyday except on Friday ­čÖé Insha Allah when things get settled and … Continue reading

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ASEAN regional union of Psychological socities (ARUPS) 3rg Congress 2010

I know its been longgg without any new post.. Was busy *nervous and worrying* preparing for my paper presentation at ARUPS conference held on 2nd and 3rd October. For those of you who might not know, I presented my undergrad … Continue reading

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Kuih Raya (Eid cookies)

┬áI was waiting for raya days┬áto indulge in the┬ádelicious Malaysian┬áraya cookies. :). Not that I can happily eat┬áthem without┬áany worries every day.. So patiently wait for eid and┬áduring eid I have the excuse of telling myself “Well, everyone eats them … Continue reading

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One homey experience….

Yesterday I collected the parcel mom sent me … And I got addu havaadhu and fish ­čÖé After a long day with Fary and Nore, my feet was aching when I reaached home. I was also exhausted carrying everything.But my … Continue reading

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