Goodies from Home….

It’s school holiday season and DH and I am so lucky and blessed to receive so much goodies from my parents, siblings, aunts, uncle’s, cousins… and the list goes onnn 😉 😉

Schools year end holiday time is when people travel to Male’ to go abroad for holidays, medicals check-ups etc etc.. and I get so many boxes of goodies filled with the never ending love I’m blessed to have from the lovely bunch of people I call FAMILY…

So just like an excited kid unwrapping birthday pressies, I got to unwrap tasty Maldivian snacks, fruits, and other yummy stuff almost every week of December 2013.. hehe… it was so much FUN… 🙂 🙂

20131211_130214The famous addu bondi, aricanuts, maalhos keyo/ ash plantains, bananas, ripe and raw mangoes, janburoal/ water apples, guava, fried mini bajiya…



These sugar coated mini doughnuts made by my aunt-in-law’s mom is so yummy i had a hard time sharing it 🙂 Surely I’m going to order some more to munch onn and onn…


Fried moringa leaves with dried chilli and onions… goes very well with rice…


My mom’s mini butter cakes… I’m beyond words to describe the taste of these cakes… All I can say is everyone who taste this gives number one to them… I’m soo addicted to these cakes nowadays… 😉

20131228_141009lemons…  have this with some sugar so u don’t have to go ooohaa as this is a bit too sour…. but for sour taste lovers like my younger sisters, just cut it open and eat it all in minutes…

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to all my blog readers near and far… May blessings be with us all throughout the year ❤

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