Healthy and Yummy Sandwich…..

Oooh… back again after almost 07 months… Well, I must seriously start making blogging a priority 😛

Anyways, today out of the blue, I just missed my dear blog and thought I should get back…

I was preparing a very yummy and healthy sandwich for DH… (Btw cooking and the smell of cooking is something I dread these days)  and I thought I must snap a pic or two… Just when DH heard the sound of camera flash he said “Oooh, instagram” hehehehe

Okay back to the sandwich

20131124_125913Moroccan Chicken breast sandwich… The bread used is brown bread…

All the edible stuff you see are from Fantasy Store… (Romaine Lettuce though not visible is under the chicken breast slices)

20131124_130019Okayy,,,, that’s the very yummy lunch for DH today…

The dragon fruit was very juicy and passion fruit juice is someone’s favorite 😉

And I’m going to get myself busy, editing and publishing the drafts I’ve yet to blog…

Till then, Chao..


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