TO LIVE, or not to live: that is the question (1)

For the next few minutes imagine what I say:

– You are the mother of 2 lovely children

– You are a proud wife of a dedicated and trustworthy spouse

– You are an asset to the company that you work for

– You are the lucky daughter of wonderful parents who are there for you through thick and thin.

– One day a very close colleague’s spouse collapses and within minutes was diagnosed with final stage blood cancer and passes away within a few weeks.

– Your colleague’s misfortune hits you hard and you decide to take a one day leave from office and go for a medical checkup, pap smear and other routine tests which you had kept on hold for the past 3 years as you were busy with your children, work etc.

– By the end of the day, doctor wants to have a serious talk with you and has to be the person giving the most dreaded news “I am so SORRY, You have CANCER” that you are suffering from stage 3 lung cancer.

Heartbreaking isn’t it? This is exactly what happened to a blogger mom who had a strong spirit and courage to endure anything that is thrown at her. She was a fighter till the last minute.

When she was diagnosed, doctors only told she has at the most 8 or 9 months to live. Most said they cannot cure her at all and they can only give a try to prolong her life. Whether she accepts it or not, an expiry date was given for her and she has to decide what she wants to do and how she wants to live the remaining days. Now you are wondering her reactions isn’t it?

Well, she did not agree with the expiry date. She did not consider herself as a canned/packaged commodity with a specific shelf life. She was young and she had hopes and dreams. And she did not see herself as to ‘simply sit on the shelf’ and wait for the expiry date.. She did a lot more… Much more than we think such a person could. Way more than a person whose entire left lung had to be taken off when she thought doctors will have to only remove the lower lobe of the left lung.

She didn’t waste any time spending precious time with her 2 lovely sons, the so devoted and loving husband, her family, friends and updating her blog as often as she could. Yes, as she admits there were days when “you are at the lowest of the lowest, your mind easily wanders and it’s harder than you think to stay positive when everything you know tells you otherwise”.

She also kept herself strong and positive by using her creativity to make montages/mosaic that includes captions such as “You may lose your hair, you may lose the glow, but don’t ever lost that smile, Keep Smiling- It’s the best medicine you can give yourself”

To be continued sooon Insha Allah….

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4 Responses to TO LIVE, or not to live: that is the question (1)

  1. Annie Q says:

    *hug hug*

    Hope you’re fine.

    I am not sure the blogger mum is it the one that i knew, she passed away last year. I went to her wake, i cannot control myself and in tear.

    She is a strong lady and she inspired me!! Now i make sure myself make a lot times together with my family and my two boys, treasure the moment while we still can.

  2. nammi says:

    thats a sad story, but these days people just dont want to accept death, some seem to think that death is something that comes at old age, the young are not supposed to die. It so sad, hope your friend has courage and faith. I was once told that if you are strong and patient when facing the hardships and misfortunes , then the reward from Allah is great!

  3. Annie: Ur right.. It’s through one of your blog posts that I came to know her (if I’m not wrong) and I spent days reading her posts and I couldnt even control my tears.. Even now, every time I remember her I feel so sad and think about her husband, 2 sons and the family… I never knew her personally.. But her blog posts clearly show that she is an awesome lady and I will always admire her courage 🙂

  4. Nammi: cant agree with u more 🙂 Miss reading ur blog.. will visit u soon.. Insha Allah…

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