Eid ul fitr 2010

I guess much write up is not necessary for this post also… During eid celebrations my cousin, her hubs and another relative were here and we prepared a wonderful lunch though everyone had to wait a little long all because the stove was a bit slow :p Not that the cooks were slow isn’t it safko 😉

Anyways this is what we chomped up for morning tea and lunch

Kulhi Bokiba, Bajiya, Cakes

Chicken Biryani, Beef, Dhaal, Biscuit Pudding, Lettuce 😉

Drinks: Faloodha

Men on a mission.. hahahaa.. no time to ask each of you for approval so i just paint lah.. 😉 😉

Anyways I hope that all my readers and fellow Muslims had a wonderful eid.. 🙂

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6 Responses to Eid ul fitr 2010

  1. Wisaam says:

    I had a gr8 Eid till about 6:00. It was all changed after that 😀
    Last pic in e fenenee pool ah?? Mi house 1st time seen i guess. Very pretty :p

  2. safa says:

    hehehehe…. haaan dhee dhonths, the cooks were more slower than the stove :P…
    ekam it was wonderful and i love it….

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