Unbelievable but true!!!!

The news that struck Malaysians recently was the disappearance of Malaysian cosmetic millionairess followed by the  gruesome discovery that the millionairess, her driver, lawyer and financial officer are murdered, burnt and their ashes strewn into a river..

The sad but true fact is that some people can go to the extent of harming another human being in ways we cannot even imagine.. When I watched the news and saw the accused lawyer whom the millionaire went to meet about a land deal, I saw nothing but impassiveness. I kept thinking how the two lawyer brothers who are also now linked to several other missing people, money laundering etc. have managed to earn fame while hiding their true colors to the extent one of the brother is awarded the ‘datuk’ title recently.

Though the master minds studied law they only seemed to use the loopholes in the law(s), the justice system etc to use their  studies in order to earn more money through inhumane and unlawful ways. Be it taking another person’s life is not a concern for such people. I hope the two lawyers and their employees who followed the orders to kill, burn and throw away the ashes would be given the justice they deserve. Im also hoping that forensics and the police would be able to gather as much evidence possible.

I believe that a lot of appreciation is deserved by the wife (who contacted the police once she found out about the missing millionairess) of the Indian man who was a business partner with the accused lawyers and who suddenly disappeared after a business trip to meet them.

May Allah bless the deceased souls and may they rest in peace… Aameen…

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2 Responses to Unbelievable but true!!!!

  1. Wisaam says:

    Laailaaha Illalhaah…. I guess when will Maldives accept these forensic evidences. Its so important nowadays.

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