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Spicy brinjal with dried tuna flakes

Had this as a side dish today..Don’t know a specific name so since it is spicy, I gave the name ‘Spicy Brinjal with dried tuna flakes’ ­čÖé Many of my relatives are not fans of this lovely vege that goes … Continue reading

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One very satisfied customer :)

Got this very yummy carrot pickles from a friend who came back to malay after her 1month plus sem break. This wonderful friend also brought rihaakuru, supaari, havaadhu, lonu mirus and mas mirus ­čśÇ Among all this, its this little … Continue reading

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Today’s Lunch

Rice Vermicelli cooked with tuna chunks, carrots and eggs. Other than the usual onion, garlic etc, I also threw in some Kankun (water spinach) stems. My plate with extra red and green coral lettuce and kankun leaves. If i’m not … Continue reading

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Kuih Raya (Eid cookies)

┬áI was waiting for raya days┬áto indulge in the┬ádelicious Malaysian┬áraya cookies. :). Not that I can happily eat┬áthem without┬áany worries every day.. So patiently wait for eid and┬áduring eid I have the excuse of telling myself “Well, everyone eats them … Continue reading

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Eid ul fitr 2010

I guess much write up is not necessary for this post also… During eid celebrations my cousin, her hubs and another relative were here and we prepared a wonderful lunch though everyone had to wait a little long all because … Continue reading

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More from Ramazan Cooking

Let the photos do the explanation ­čśë Aloo (Potato) Bokiba Riha Folhi (Curried Tuna Rolls) Filling for the Riha Folhi (Curried Tuna Rolls) Bis Riha (Egg Curry) Looking back after Ramazan, I realize how many dishes I forgot to capture.. … Continue reading

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Unbelievable but true!!!!

The news that struck Malaysians recently was the disappearance of Malaysian cosmetic millionairess followed by the┬á gruesome discovery that the millionairess, her driver, lawyer and financial officer are murdered, burnt and their ashes strewn into a river.. The sad but … Continue reading

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